Applications and Reasons for Decision


Client: Kleana Power Corporation
Region: Vancouver Island, Nanaimo
Agency: Crown Land Allocation
File: #1412647 - 1002445

Apr 22, 2009

Location: Klinaklini River, Dororthy Creek & ZZ Creek (aka Toto Creek)
Area (Hectares): Previous Application 1176.33 ha, total area including existing = 1642.96 ha
BCGS Mapsheet: 92K.022/.032/.042/.052/.053/.063/.073/.083/.093/.094 92N.003/.013/.022/.023/.032/.042
Legal Description: Unalienated and unencumbered Crown Land or land covered by water being parts of the beds of Dorothy Creek, Klinaklini River, and ZZ Creek, Range 2, Coast District


Application for Licence of Occupation.

Amendment to existing application - including 2 sources (ZZ Creek and Dorothy Creek).

1412647 - 1002445 Maps.pdf


NOTICE: No decisions have been made for this application at this time.


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