Applications and Reasons for Decision


Client: Cermaq Canada Ltd
Region: Vancouver Island, Nanaimo
Agency: Crown Land Allocation
File: #1414250

Jun 25, 2014

Location: Millar Channel, East of Flores Island
Area (Hectares): 45.964 Ha +/-
BCGS Mapsheet: 92E.040
Legal Description: Crown foreshore or land covered by water being part of the bed of Millar Channel, Clayoquot District


An open house will be hosted by Cermaq Canada Ltd at the Marina West Motel (formerly the Weigh West Resort) from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on July 24th, 2014.

For additional information, a copy the application will be posted on the Cermaq Canada website shortly:

FLNROs review of the Federal/Provincial harmonized Aquaculture Application is focused on the Crown land proposal (general suitability of the site location) for aquaculture purposes.

Note that topics such as proposed species, production rates, rearing methods, fish health and marine habitat concerns fall under federal jurisdiction. Questions regarding such subject matter may be directed to the appropriate DFO email at

You may also provide general comments about the management of the aquaculture sector via the Fisheries and Oceans Canada Integrated Management of Aquaculture Plan and associated advisory bodies. Please visit DFOs website at:

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OFFERED 2015-07-30
An offer has been made subject to any terms and conditions that need to be met before tenure is issued.

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