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Client: Akamina Adventures Inc.
Region: Kootenay, Cranbrook
Agency: Crown Land Allocation
File: #4405792 and 4405793

Mar 21, 2017

Location: In the vicinity of Akamina Creek
Area (Hectares): 49 km of trails more or less and 5 ha more or less for lodge sites
BCGS Mapsheet: 82G.009, 82G.010, 82G.019 and 82G.020
Legal Description: Unsurveyed Foreshore in the vicinity of Akamina Creek, east of Baynes Lake


The proponent has applied for extensive use for guided horseback, hiking, ski touring and for intensive use for 2 lodge sites.

Management Plan


Location Map


NOTICE: No decisions have been made for this application at this time.


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